Aurora Borealis 2003 root

There were no big auroral storms in SW-Finland in spring 2003. However, late May and in June there were several major auroral storms, but my nights were too light to document any. Moreover, to my great, great disappointment most of these took place during our daytime and so there was no hope to get any observations of them.
To those familair with Costello-index I would like to state that the index describes also well the height of the sun at longitude 22E (and normal auroral activity ...) And in the few cases when this was not true it was describing night cloudiness on my observing site...
BUT: Autumn and especially October were excellent time for auroras. Everyone watching the sky surely remembers Oct 29-31 record auroras. Luckily I had a chance to document night 29/30 (17-23UT), which is shown below on subpage "X17".
Again in 20/21 Nov a CME hit the earth with strength. My skies were mainly cloudy (like was practically all of Finland and even much of the whole Scandinavia), but luckily I had large openings in fog cloud layer around 20-23UT and could witness huge hemispheric power 830GW!


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