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Year 2009 was no spectacular NLC-year; no really bright display was seen, none raised a WOW-effect. Weatherwise July - early August were normal. Film (Kodak's EBX or "Extra color" slide film) was used but also a digital SLR was utilized. Images from both cameras are shown: pictures with name "vy..." are scanned slides which are followed (each night) by digitally recorded JPG-files (names are "_D23..."). It is possible to compare the results by observing differences in pictures.

Slide film EBX gives, as name states, vivid colours which need quite a bit of desaturation. On the other hand digital camera (in "Daylight" mode) gives a lot less saturated results and especially the night sky blue has been disappointing along the poor red (in horizon). Next year camera will be switched to RAW-mode to allow more adjustments.

Summer resulted in 27 positive sightings of NLCs. Samples of few nights only are posted. Two first pictures on this page are from 16/17 July, after that 'til "_D230468" pictures are from 17/18 July, then "vy41342" is from 19/20 July and the last four cloudy sky images are taken on 21/22 July.



_D230418 copy
























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