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So, my solar distortion and green flash are now digital. Next 7 thumbnail pages have been photographed 2009 at my new vantage point at sea level. Here is a number of facts to keep in mind while going through pictures.
Each sunset or sunrise is separated from each other by a line.
In each image its true pixel size is given (frame not included), while in the web the resolution is usually a lot smaller. Size is given to allow to check whether image size would suit to intended print size. In general many of the composites look at best only modest due to huge shrink from the original. However, in all composites, where the sun is shown in full width, its diameter in original composite is approximately 1200 pixels. Checking single solar images gives a hint what is shown also in the large composites if they are blown to full size.
It is quite evident that I have become bored to "normal" composites. Therefore a more visual approach has been used in many cases in composing these images. They are not just visually more appealing but also expose clearly the behaviour of distortions. In some cases composite itself remains same while backgroung colour is varied.

DSC_4774 comp

DSC_5543 copy

DSC_5545 copy

DSC_5543 comp2

DSC_5543 compa


DSC_2585 copy

DSC_2599 copy

DSC_2586 Comp2

DSC_2592 Comp2C

DSC_2598 Comp2

DSC_2574 Comp3B

DSC_2579 Comp3C

DSC_2579 CompB

DSC_2582 Comp3

DSC_2582 Comp3B

DSC_2595 Comp3C

DSC_2613 Comp3C

DSC_2571 Comp




DSC_2686 copy

DSC_2681 Comp3

DSC_2684 Comp3

DSC_2691 Comp3

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