Aurora videos

All videos are 8x speeded up; normal speed in these displays would have been totally boring. Only MPG-files have been posted. Usually I use RM-format to save space and also to shorten downloading times, but with auroras the quality would have been degraded too much.
Current MiniDV-camcorders are in the very limit to record auroras; simultaneous moonlight will help to keep noise reasonable, but still 1/3 second exposure and +6 - +12 dB gain is required with iris fully open at f=1.6. Camera used for auroras is Sony VX2000. The newer (professional) model DSR-PD170 didn't give any better result in spite of the advertised better sensitivity of the CCD.

AurB1 (MPG 3.8 MB)
Flaming corona

AurB2 (MPG 7.0 MB)
Calm curtain

AurB3 (MPG 2.6 MB)
Static rays

AurB4 (MPG 6.5 MB)
Calm rays

AurB5 (MPG 2.4 MB)
Red corona

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